Ruby Barrientos is a first-generation American descendant of Salvadoran artists. Spirit guides her art as she speaks through her hands, pens, spray cans and any form that gives space to embrace her creative voice. It’s a reflection of her heritage, because of that, her images come from a deep inner place of need and ancestral honoring to express her authentic self without hindrance.


Her paintings reflect an intuitive inclination, which convey emotions to express her most honest and vulnerable self. Behind every creation, the art of soul, our authentic selves, are made visible. Through self-expression, soul is made apparent. The balance of dark-light, the feminine-masculine, and the old/young that resides in Ruby’s art echoes the duality of the inner self.

“I constantly struggle to find the balance of the creator and destroyer - to disrupt and destroy the thinking of those that intellectualize creation with their rational minds and in doing so, bypass the messages of the soul,” says Barrientos.


“I find a meditative calm when I paint - it is actualized through expression and embedded in the creation of my artwork. Intuition expresses my creative energy and breathes life into the materials. I want to inspire others to reflect on their inner selves, through my paintings, and allow their feelings to open the realm of self-discovery.”