I created this mold casting from a gift my mother brought home to me from El Salvador. I casted this object because it is a reminder of my roots.

In the molding process, the original rattle was stripped of its paint and I could only faintly see where it was etched with the words ‘El Salvador’.

It reminded me of what my parents went through to immigrate to the United States. Their homeland, stripped away, to survive they fled El Salvador in the early 80’s to escape the Salvadoran Civil War, financed by the United States.

As they were trying to process what they experienced during the war back home while also having to assimilate to the idea of the American way of life. Lastly, after the firing of the rattle continues the journey to today.

In my art practice I channel my ancestry and reject colonization. Painting and adding glaze to the piece is a symbol in my continuing process of decolonization. Paying tribute to my indigenous roots, ancestors, and to my parents. I have been reflecting on the diaspora I experience which I haven been confronting interpersonally which is a subject I want to continue exploring within my art practice.